Video game addiction test – How do you know if your child is a video game addict?

Video game addiction test – There may be a real dependence on tablets and video games. How to fight? Below, you will read the advice of a researcher in technology. Your children spend long hours playing video games and may be wondering about their reliance on this hobby. The question is legitimate since the World Health Organization has just acknowledged the existence of a “video game disorder”.  His latest International Classification of Diseases will come into effect in 2022. Are you concerned about the relationship to the game that your child has developed? This classification will help you determine if you have the problem, and if you need to resort to a professional.

your child is a video game addict

Gaming disorders are not just about children. Players of all ages including teenagers and adults can also become victim of gaming disorders.

This pathology is not defined by playing too much or by the number of hours per game session. It’s rather in terms of interference with the daily life of the player concerned. Video game addiction test – to be diagnosed, an individual must have the following three symptoms over a period of at least 12 months:

  1. Loss of control over the “video games” activity.
  2. Give priority to the game to the point where the game takes precedence over other activities and usual interests.
  3. Continue to play despite the negative effects of this activity on work, school, family life, health, hygiene, relationships, finances or social relations.

Potentially problematic digital behaviors

The disorder which WHO have defined focuses only on gambling. It does not include other potentially problematic digital behaviors, such as online gambling, overuse of the Internet, social media or the smartphone. The affected games are independent of support, although most people who develop clinically significant gambling problems play mostly online games.

It’s a public health problem since millions of children and adults around the world practice video games. Yet, only a small number of them meet the criteria set by WHO. This extreme mental disorder affects only 0.003 to 1% of the population engaged in this leisure. However, given the base of players, this percentage, however small, concerns a large number of people. A survey of a random sample of 1 234 Australians of all ages revealed that about 67% of them were playing video games.

This proportion means that between 5,000 and 16,500 Australians could potentially suffer from video game disorder. In France, a 2014 CNC survey revealed that 71.2% of French who play video games, more adults play than children. One might think that the WHO classification is a consensus. In reality the debate continues to rage as to whether this gambling disorder is indeed addictive.

Video game addiction check

Video game addiction test - How do you know ?

Not everyone agrees with the American Psychiatric Association (APA). For example, they are still not convinced, for two reasons. The first is that problem of gambling behavior is often connected with other factors such as loneliness. Sometime it also associated with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Therefore, the APA argues that video game disorder may be a symptom rather than a full-blown condition. The second problem, APA lacks of solid research evidence to support this interpretation. Other experts have also argued that the WHO classification would only be a response to the intense.  Therefore, video game addiction test is required.

Video game obsession test

Video games have generated the concerns and they have triggered the moral panic.   An important consequence of the classification of gambling disorder as a dependency by WHO. It opens the way for care by health professionals. However, just like the classification of the disease, the therapies are scientifically in their infancy. A survey of Australian and New Zealand psychiatrists found that only 16.3% of them felt comfortable managing the disorder.

Video game obsession check

How should we treat gambling disorders in this context, what to expect from professional treatment? The treatments offered are usually of two types. One focuses on understanding the personal situation of the player, the other on learning new behaviors. Therapy sessions with an addiction specialist are offered. They can take the form of individual sessions, group sessions and / or family sessions. Each session dynamic has a different purpose. For example, family therapy sessions focus on the exploration and treatment of problems within the patient’s family that could contribute to addiction.

Video entertainment addiction test

The second type of treatment (which often occurs in addition to therapy sessions) is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Cognitive-behavioral therapy is based on the premise that thoughts determine feelings. It is used to treat many psychiatric disorders, such as substance abuse disorders, depression and anxiety. It’s about teaching the player different ways to think, behave and react to stressful situations.

Art therapy and exercise therapy are other types of medical treatments that have proven themselves. In addition, research to determine which drugs are most appropriate continues. The care is designed according to the needs of each individual. This may be a series of cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions associated with individual therapy sessions and family therapy sessions. The treatment is adapted to the person’s age, personal beliefs about religion, professional status or any other factor considered important for successful treatment. However, at present, no treatment achieves a 100% success rate, reflecting the need for more research.

Too much time playing on a screen?

Tips for managing your child’s games while most gamblers do not fall into the category of people with a video game disorder, some parents still feel clueless about their child’s relationship to the video game. They fear that he spends too much time playing on a screen, has to fight with him every time he is arrested or worried that the video game will lead him to lead an unhealthy or unbalanced life. Here are some tips for promoting a healthier video game report:

Encourage sport and physical activity such as entertaining with selfie drone camera is also helpful. By increasing blood levels of serotonin, these hobbies can have a positive effect on mood as well as problematic video game symptoms.

Identify problems he or she might seek to escape –

Talk to your child about what he likes in the video game. Ask him why he’s so keen on playing regularly. His answers could help you identify problems he might seek to escape by taking refuge in the game, using it as a means of escape; When you forbid your child from playing a video game, make sure he or she has another activity to play, whether it’s a family outing or ‘a dinner. Thus, he will have a reason to drop out. When you ask your child to stop a game, give them time to save it or finish the current level. In this way, you will avoid the frustration of quitting unexpectedly and limit the risk of having a fight. Ask him how much longer he thinks he needs to finish his game.  Then, make sure he stops when he finishes.

Adopt healthy and balanced practices

Today, video games are an important part of young people’s lives, so it’s important to get them to adopt healthy and balanced practices at the earliest. For this, a crucial point is to make a place for video games in family discussions (as well as any other technological activity, by the way). In this way, the communication will remain open, which will quickly identify any problem behavior.

* This video game addiction test was concluded by Joanne Orlando a researcher in the Childhood and Technology Department at Western Sydney University, Australia.

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